Antibiotics in Food

Have you noticed the new customers in the Temecula shopping centers? They are there because antibiotic and hormone free meat businesses are booming, thanks to Chipotle. Years ago, Chipotle really was at the forefront of caring where its meat came from.

Recently, Panera Bread has made the switch to antibiotic and hormone free chicken, ham and turkey. This is a good step in food quality and will likely bring in a lot more customers. Why does it matter that your meat be antibiotic and hormone free? The real winner here is antibiotic free.

Antibiotic and Hormone Free Chicken

Antibiotic and Hormone Free Chicken Apparently, the FDA does not allow hormones in chicken so it is merely claiming that they are following federal regulations, nothing more. On the contrast, antibiotic free chicken is a great step up from conventionally raised chicken. When a chicken is given antibiotics, it depresses their immune system. We eat the chicken and in turn ingest these antibiotics as well. Antibiotics should be reserved for when people really need them; not overused to make the birds grow faster and make up for terrible living conditions.

Eating antibiotic free chicken is an easy, first step to preventing sickness and disease through nutrition. The quality of chicken really has a wide spectrum though. The lowest grade of chicken would be conventionally raised. It's cheapest to buy, carries no labels determining quality, is almost tasteless, and a snippet of its life would look like this:

  • Vaccinated (which depresses their immune system)
  • De-beaked
  • Given immune depressing antibiotics
  • Live in artificial lighting 24/7
  • Are given:
    • Routine medications
    • Routine synthetic vitamins
    • Routine appetite stimulants (including arsenic)
    • They live among huge groups of 10,000+
    • Have limited air flow and exercise
    • Eat no greens or bugs and
    • Are given constant chlorine baths
Does that really sound like something you want to eat?

Free Range Chicken

Antibiotic and Hormone Free Foods On the complete other end of the spectrum would be a pasture raised chicken. A pastured chicken grazes on tons of grass and forages for food. They live under the sunshine and maybe a spacious chicken coop. They may be given organic soy-free feed supplemented with garlic, juniper berry, horseradish, kelp, and other things that they thrive on. They are living how nature intended. Pasture raised chicken tastes the best, is humanely raised, is a sustainable farming practice, and does the most good for your body.

It's a no-brainer to choose the best quality of food you can for optimal well being and happiness! As with all things in life, no one, and nothing is perfect. If you are dedicated to choosing better food and always striving to improve your life through dietary choices it is paying off. Upgrade your conventional chicken to antibiotic free chicken. Try to find organic chicken, or cage free chicken. Buy pasture raised from the internet. Seek out a local farmer for pasture raised chicken.

Your nutritional choices are the key to preventative health. Raise your personal bar on food quality to feel better than ever the natural way.

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