Healthy Eating for Kids

Good Nutrition. When does it come into play for your infant? When they are breastfeeding or when they start eating solids? Well, both are important but really good nutrition should happen before you even conceive your child.

Why? Epigenetics! In other words, disease causing damage done to a parent’s body that is then passed along to their children is also know as having "bad genes". Does that get your attention? Or are you thinking, "not another article about health and nutrition"? Well, I learned this week about a family’s 10 month old child being diagnosed with brain cancer. That information along with the fact that rates for obesity, autism and other disease continue to rise, means I can’t sit back and do nothing!

Kids Health

Bad genes don’t run in families, we all are born with bad genes; the trick is keeping those bad genes turned off! There will always be toxins in our air, water and food. So a “normal” child-bearing adult that has grown up in our typical environment who has had the impact of a toxic load might have a healthy, non-cancerous, non-obese, non-inflammatory body, but the damaged genes are there.

So what happens when they conceive? That baby does not get to start with spotless genes, and studies show that babies born today already have over 300 toxins in their system! So add to the toxins that your child is later exposed to and you guessed it, more damage is being done. It’s a compound effect that started generations ago!!

A Quick Health Overview of the Past 70 Years

In the 1940’s the first generation got penicillin, cooked on Teflon and were regularly exposed to lead, mercury, asbestos, benzene to name just a few toxins. So by the time that generation was having babies in the 1960’s, their child was already compromised. Many babies from this generation were fed formula instead of breast milk (I was one of those), ate processed food and breathed smog. So when the next generation of children was born we saw an increase of food allergies, ADHD and the first wave of autism. See the pattern?

We are now 74 years into passing along our compromised genes and destroying our immune systems in America. Each year the rates increase and younger people are diagnosed with obesity, diabetes, ADHD, auto-immune diseases, food allergies, arthritis, autism and cancer! Dr. David Katz, said “This may be the first generation of children to have a shorter life expectancy than their parents”. So what are we waiting for?

But the good news is we can not only repair our DNA but in doing that we are repairing our children’s DNA! I find that very exciting. One change that we can incorporate right now, whether you are 5, 25, or 65 that has been tracked and proven is your lifestyle. Face it, we all carry bad genes and live in a non-perfect environment. How we treat our bodies is what turns on or off those bad genes. Healthy living starts with consuming more whole foods and less processed foods, managing our stress, getting adequate sleep, exercising and drinking plenty of water. This is how we can start making a change in our health and the health of future generations. One small change each month will bring you a step closer to ensuring better health for you and the next generation of your children and grand children, allowing them to live a more disease-free life.

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