The L.E.A.N Program

L.E.A.N. stands for Lifestyle, Exercise, Attitude and Nutrition - The four pillars of health.

Dr. Sears L.E.A.N. is the education arm of the Sears family that is dedicated to improving the health of children, families and women who are expecting.

Crash Diets Rarely Work

The market is obese with calorie-restriction weight loss diets, the great majority of which reduce more dollars than fat from the obese person. Crash diets rarely work because they try to fool the body, but the body doesn’t buy it. Rapid weight loss diets invariably fail because they are metabolically unsound, often unsafe, and just plain don’t work for these reasons: Crash diets don’t reset the fat point.

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Health Benefits of Exercise

We have yet to see a diet work in which exercise is not at least of equal importance with healthy eating. In the L.E.A.N. program, exercise is nutrition’s close partner. If you wanna lose it, you gotta move it. Why not just stay on the couch and eat less? Restrictions on calories, the basis of most diets, are the main reason they don’t work. Years of taking in more calories slows your metabolism, sort of like a mechanic turning down an engine’s idle speed. When you turn down your idle speed, you burn less fuel, and therefore less fat. Burning calories off by exercise boosts your metabolism. Combine this with a diet that emphasizes nutrient-dense foods without empty calories, and you are much more likely to stay lean than you would if you only cut back on calories. The good news is that the people who need exercise the most (overweight, sedentary, poorly-nourished, etc) are the ones most helped by it. Below you can find numerous health benefits of exercise.

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How Fast and Safe is Fat Loss?

Achieving a lasting, leaner you is well worth the wait. The goal of Dr. Sears L.E.A.N. is to change fat into muscle, so we prefer the term weight change to weight loss. As a general guide, it is impossible to lose more than three pounds a week without seriously endangering your health, and even this requires you to burn 1,500 calories more a day than you eat. Cases where teenage wrestlers have gone on crash diets so they can compete in a lower weight class has resulted in death.

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Improving Your Attitude: Reduce Stress

Is there such a thing as mind over fat? Yes. You’ve heard the phrase “set your mind to it.” The attitude part of the LEAN program is about using your mind to help you get a lean body (See L.E.A.N. Lifestyle Program). You can’t just think fat away, but there are fascinating ways your mind can affect your body – for better or for worse. Below are some tips on improving your attitude by getting rid of stress which can make you fat.

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Partnering with Organizations

The interactive, customizable format of Dr. Sears L.E.A.N. workshops is a perfect solution for organizations, schools, corporations, etc. who are looking for clinically proven health education programs to improve the lives of employees, students and members. Partnering with Dr. Sears L.E.A.N. relieves the hassle and time involved with writing and developing programs and/or finding qualified personnel to teach the programs.

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Dr. Sears Wellness Institute Training

Part of the education mission of the Sears family is to train and certify instructors through the Dr. Sears Wellness Institute. By equipping others to become Dr. Sears Certified Health Coaches, we have the opportunity to touch more lives on a greater scale then ever before.

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Holiday Stress Busters

All of those classic holiday movies surrounding the “dysfunctional family” make us laugh because deep down we can often relate to the chaos that this season brings.

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Improve Your Nutrition

The final feature of the L.E.A.N. program is nutrition, which carries equal weight with exercise in the process of becoming lean. No, this does not mean going on a diet, at least in the way most people regard this four-letter word. Just the word “diet” can be a turn-off. “Die” is 75 percent of the word. Most of us enjoy eating; we look forward to our evening “meal,” and even more to “dinner” or “a banquet.” We don’t eat to live, we live to eat. Below you will find healthy tips to improve your nutrition.

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L.E.A.N. Lifestyle Program

Dr. Sears’ L.E.A.N. Lifestyle Program is an acronym that stands for Lifestyle, Exercise, Attitude, and Nutrition. Lifestyle is how we manage our time and our lives, including the work on our job, our relationships, the way we spend our leisure time, how much sleep we get, how we experience stress – even our spiritual life. Some of these things we believe we can’t change, but we can. We all know that smoking and excessive drinking are bad for our health and we won’t belabor the obvious by listing the hazards of each. Cutting out these habits is an important part of a healthy lifestyle. A healthy lifestyle can also be defined in a positive sense, a life filled, as much as possible, with work, relationships, habits, and activities that make a positive contribution to our well-being:

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