Juice Plus for Pregnancy?

Does Nutrition Really Matter During Pregnancy?

Penny and her Juice Plus family
I first heard about Juice Plus+ about 10 years ago from my mother, who is also an RN. Quite honestly, it seemed a bit too good to be true. It was just during the last bit of my pregnancy with my twins, and since it took us so long and we needed some medical assistance to get pregnant in the first place, I was nervous about adding anything my doctor didn't bring up herself.

Now I could kick myself, knowing what I know now about how fantastic Juice Plus+ is for pregnant mothers. After my girls we born (at 36 1/2 weeks, but healthy and strong), my mom came to help out and help take care of me, as I had a postpartum hemorrhage and was still a little weak.

Magically, Juice Plus+ started appearing on my plate and like a good daughter, I complied. I really took the time to sit down and dig a little deeper and found that it made sense, especially knowing that we weren't getting the 7-13 servings of fruits and veggies that we knew we needed every day. After a few months, I was feeling great and I recovered remarkably quickly. The Juice Plus+ started showing up on my husband's plate, too!

Fast forward about fourteen months later, and despite many doctors telling us we would be unable to conceive without assistance, I found myself pregnant again. Again, my pregnancy went remarkably smoothly, and another healthy baby girl was born. By this time my twins were 22 months old and they loved their Juice Plus+ gummies, too!

We opted for my husband to have a vasectomy, as 3 kids seemed like a perfectly good number to us. Obviously God has a sense of humor, as we found ourselves pregnant again 3 years later.

Despite following all the surgeons instructions, and getting the "all clear" (yes, we sent in all the samples and followed instructions to the letter), I like to say that Juice Plus+ can regrow tissue and open blocked pathways!

Our last daughter was born after another healthy pregnancy and delivery, and our family is complete. Our kids love their gummies, and are rarely sick. We can count on one hand the number of ear infections they total, and usually at least one or two of our school-age girls get perfect attendance awards in school.

I am so grateful for the gift that Juice Plus+ has given us- our health and some "bonus babies"!

Penny Maple, RN BSN
Juice Plus+ Wellness Educator