St Patrick's Day Green Dye - Food Coloring

On St Patrick’s Day, we all want to celebrate with none other than green food and drinks. But we all know that just adding the green food coloring or any food coloring has been linked to cause allergies, hyperactivity and cancer.

Food coloring is found in everything from candy to salad dressing to flavored drinks. The FDA stands behind the safety of colored products and says that American consumers like the brightly colored foods even though they can cause health issues (to learn in detail how toxic food coloring can be click here ). So we don’t want to take away the fun of celebrating colorful holidays and we can do that without jeopardizing our health. So I’ve listed below a natural way to color your food (thanks to

Natural Food Coloring

  • Juiced: kale, parsley, spinach, romaine, cucumber, bell pepper, watercress....
  • Boiled green veggies, using the water/juice will give you a much lighter green color
  • Juiced berries
  • Juiced cranberries
  • Juiced beets
  • Juiced red pepper
  • Juiced tomato, choose dark red tomatoes
  • rhubarb juiced or boiled
  • pomegranate juice
  • chile powder or paprika powder
  • juiced blueberries
  • juiced or boiled red cabbage
  • juiced radicchio
  • juiced eggplant skin
  • frozen, fresh or juiced blackberries
  • acai juice
  • juiced(or smashed and strained) black/purple grapes
  • Juiced yellow beets
  • juiced yellow bell pepper
  • boiled yellow beets (lighter color)
  • juiced pineapple
  • juiced carrots
  • tumeric powder
  • warm-water soaked/bloomed saffron
  • coffee powder
  • cocoa powder