Are You Ready to Make this the Healthiest Year Yet?

Well, before you buy those so called "healthy" protein shakes or every vitamin Dr. Oz says you "need" (ha ha), consider this first:
  • It is a whole food supplement or isolated vitamins?
  • Are the ingredients harmful or artificial?
  • Is it really going to make me "healthy" and how do I know this for sure?
  • Is there published research proving their claims?
  • How do I know it will get absorbed into my body & not just urinated out? (Bright yellow/expensive urine).


As you shop for your health, instead of taking something just because the label makes it sound good, I encourage you to do what I did & really research it yourself! Please join us to hear about the most researched product on the market today and why your body can't help but loose inches, feel more energized and sleep better!

And yes, this is a program that you can incorporate while your pregnant or nursing. In fact your baby will love you more for it! Research from Dr. Doug Odom, Ob/GYN, published in a Retrospective Descriptive Analytic Comparison in the Journal of the American Nutraceutical Association, ( JANA), March 2006, shared these results for mothers and infants that fared better while taking Juice Plus during pregnancy:

  • No premature births,
  • No cases of preeclampsia,
  • Significantly fewer cesarean deliveries,
  • Fewer neonatal intensive care unit admissions and
  • Fewer respiratory distress syndrome of the newborn.

Whole Foods Nutrition

Are you ready to make a non-radical leap to optimum health?
Are you prepared to change your body on a cellular level?
Are you ready for some simple solutions for healthy/clean living?

What are your possible benefits?
Do you want more energy?
Wish you were losing inches?
Want healthier skin?
Desire more mental clarity?
Or just want to improve your general health?

Come hear what the buzz is about!
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