Vitamins vs Supplements

The market is flooded with thousands of vitamin and mineral supplements and new ones hit the market everyday. But studies are showing that most of these supplements’ are not making a difference and some are even doing more harm than good!

The findings by the Iowa Women’s Healthy Study published in October 2011, showed very few benefits if any of vitamin or mineral supplements.

A study on the cardiovascular risks associated with calcium supplements, published in the British Medical Journal in April 2011, was an expanded and enhanced analysis of a report previously showing 30% risk for heart attacks linked to calcium supplements alone.

Several studies have found association between vitamin D levels and hypertension, coronary artery calcification and heart disease.

Vitamin E supplements in men does not protect against prostate cancer, instead it might increase the risk as initially thought. Men who received a common dose and formulation of vitamin E (400 IU/day) had a significant 17% increased risk for prostate cancer vs men who received placebo.

Natural and Whole food supplements are not the same. In the Natural supplement there only has to be 10% of a natural ingredient and 90% could be synthetic

A whole food supplement is made from real food. And with anything you take it should have high quality independent 3rd party research to prove:

  1. Is there science proving that the nutrients in the supplement are absorbed into the body.
  2. Is there science proving that the nutrients from the supplement do something good for the body once they get there.
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